difference between impact driver and impact wrench

Many people are confused with the impact wrench and impact driver. But nothing is confusing in it. Impact drivers are generally used to tighten the screws faster and accurately. You can also use it in reverse order to get out the screws quickly. You can also use It to drill holes in the hard materials. 

 On the other hand, an impact wrench is generally used to drive nuts, and as this tool has a high rotation force, so it works fast to fasten nuts. 

 Both Power tools are easy to use, and you can do DIY tasks and many home renovations by using these tools. I used both of them and found them essential. 

While using any Power tool, don’t forget to wear impact-resistant safety glasses.


 why should you wear impact-resistant safety glasses with power tools?





According to research, more than 200000 people injured their eyes both at work or using tools at home just because of not using Safety Glasses. When you are drilling on hard materials or using any power tool that penetrates the hard surface, many materials and objects flew. The Impact Glasses will keep your eyes protected from these objects. So I will recommend you to wear these glasses. They are cheap and handy. So it would be best if you kept them in your tools box. 



 Impact Driver or Impact Drill: 


Impact driver or impact drill both are the names of the same tool. Due to high torque, you can use an Impact driver to drive screws or drill into rigid materials like bricks and metals. 

 It has a 1/4″ hex chuck that accepts 1″ bit tips. You can also control the speed in it. Some tools also came with LED Light for precise work. Impact Drivers are lightweight and easy to carry. Some are corded and cordless too.

 You can easily use it to tighten the long screws. It can also remove the screws that are very tight or rusted. It can be used for small tasks at home and Professional work at the site. 

 As they are loud, so you have to use ear protection. Impact drivers don’t have Clutch. On the other hand, power drills do have Clutch.


We will recommend DeWalt DCF887D2 20V Max Brushless. Because of its features. It is compact and lightweight, and easy to handle. It has an LED light. It has a three-speed setting for reasonable control. It has 7 Pounds in weight. It comes with two 20V Max XR Lithium-Ion (2.0ah) batteries. One of the main features is it has three years Warranty. It has a Torque of 2000 Inch Pounds Torque. 




 Impact Wrench:


 Impact gun or impact wrench is widely used in the automobile industry to tighten or loosen the lug nuts. It is a little bit heavy to carry. 

 Car Mechanics used it widely to tight the nuts because of the high rotation force. Impact wrenches are electric (Corded or cordless) and powered with compressed air too. 

 An impact wrench can easily remove the rusted and frozen nuts. No doubt, it is a powerful tool. It works very fast and creates noise.

Our Recommendation is DEWALT 20V MAX XR Impact Wrench Kit. It is a highly rated product with many features. It has a brushless motor for high performance, and the length of the tools is 8.81 inches. LED light can be helpful during work. It has a torque of 700 foot Pounds. It also comes with three years warranty. It has a three-speed selector switch. You can set it according to the intensity of your work. Dewalt Impact Wrench is Cordless, and it requires a battery for power. And you have to purchase a battery and charger separately. It does not come with the Impact Power Tool. You can read more about impact wrenches by clicking here.

Which power tool you need most and you should get:

Both have the same names, but they are different in terms of functionality. If you need something to do a home renovation or DIY project, you must go with impact driver because it will help many tasks. An impact driver is good for you because of its versatility and more use.

And if you need something for your Garage or have to tackle rusted and frozen nuts daily, then Impact wrench is a good choice for you.

Uses of Impact Wrenches


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