If you tackle a great deal of carpentry or woodworking projects, a miter saw is an advantageous venture. These power saws give amazing crosscuts cutting straight across the wood’s width yet where they truly sparkle is with miter or incline cuts.

A miter cut cuts across the width of your board at a point making something like an unbalanced point. This is valuable for tasks, for example, building photo placements.

The saw blade is at a straight 90-degree point to the board during these cuts. On the other hand, the saw blade is at a plot for a slanted cut, which leaves a calculated “undercut” edge across the finish of the load up.

The two kinds of cuts are oftentimes utilized when cutting baseboards, crown shaping, cupboards, furniture, or enhancing trim.

What is Miter Saw used for?

These saws likewise make straight crosscuts and, when furnished with the correct cutting edge, the adaptability of a miter saw is a significant piece of a device armory for proficient woodworkers just as DIYers.


Your particular requirements decide the correct miter saw for you, so we did the examination and amassed this rundown of the best miter saws for different purposes. Here are our top picks.




1. Bosch Glide Miter Saw

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Hub float framework:

The licensed skim framework permits more extensive cross cuts and better arrangement while additionally being conservative.

This saves you 12 inches of important workspace. Bosch guide miter saw likewise offers unparalleled perfection of the cut.


Expanded cutting limit 14-inch flat limit ostensible 6 1/2 inch vertical limit against the fence base 6 1/2 inch crown limit against the fence 45 spring.


The GCM12SD miter saw gives simple changes a huge simple to peruse uniform incline and tempered steel miter scales with stamped armistices and rooftop pitch points.


Square lock speedy delivery wall lock fence 90 degrees to the table and requires no change. 1 touch lock/open to slide fence for added support


Upfront incline controls all-metal slope lock switch and reaches selector found forthright for speedy and simple slant settings without coming to behind the saw


2. Genesis Compound Miter Saw

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Genesis is a brand of force apparatuses that are known to make moderate and an incentive for alternatives. This is additionally valid for its sliding miter saws referenced in this article.


Bevel Cuts:

Make incline cuts up to 45 degrees left and performs compound miter cuts easily. Make miter cuts up to 45 degrees left and right, with 9 position stops at generally utilized points.



Utilize compound cutting for crown forming, shadow boxes, and picture casing. The Genesis compound Miter saw is the best milter saw for the money.


Laser cutting:

Laser cutting for speedier arrangement and improved precision. Know where the cut will be ahead with the incorporated laser.


Electric Brake:

Electric brake stops the edge in a flash and Arbor locks for fast cutting edge changes.


What it includes:

60T Carbide edge introduced, hold down Clamp, dust pack, Two augmentation wings, cutting edge wrench and two AAA batteries for laser.



3. Hitachi Bevel Compound Miter Saw

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Hitachi sliding miter saw additionally offers an incredible form quality alongside a 5-year long guarantee.

Because of this, you can expect this miter saw to handily keep going for quite a while. It even offers an incredible presentation because of its 15 amp electric engine.


Changed Name:

Hitachi Power Tools has been renamed Metabo HPT. Same extraordinary instruments with just another name.


Angle range:

0 to 52-degree miter point reach to one side and left for expanded adaptability. It’s a   Motor Horsepower is 2.57 hp


Bevel angle reach:

0 to 45-degree angle reach to one side to give perfect and exact slope cuts. Thumb incited positive stops for speedy miter changes


Dust collector:

24.2 pounds to work with mobility and simpler transport. Dust collector connection included limiting airborne molecule

High power engine:

15 Amp engine conveys high force for the hardest cutting jobs. Large table for better material help with bad habit cinching framework to get workpiece.


4. Delta Power Equipment Miter Saw

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Delta is a lesser-known brand of power apparatuses when contrasted and different alternatives out there. Be its sliding miter saw can be an extraordinary alternative for many clients out there.


Cutting blade:

The Delta sliding miter saw is one of the more minimal alternatives out there as it has a 10-inch cutting sharp edge. This blade is fueled by a 15 amp electric engine that offers nice execution at the given cost.


Laser Function:

Quite possibly the most remarkable highlights of this saw are that it accompanies an inbuilt laser for additional accuracy.


This sliding miter saw is that it accompanies a 2-year warranty and a good form quality.


Bevel angle range:

It accompanies an incline point scope of 0 degrees to 45 degrees that can be effectively changed.

Electric Brake Mechanism:

Another incredible thing about this miter saw is that it accompanies an electric brake mechanism.



5. Skil Dual-Bevel Sliding Miter Saw

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Skil is a dependable dealer of equipment devices including drills, drivers, sanders, screwdrivers, planers, and saws.

High power engine:

Skil’s double incline sliding miter saw includes an amazing 15-amp engine to convey up to 4,800 rpm for speedy and nitty-gritty cuts.


One of the particular benefits of utilizing this miter saw is that you will accomplish a precision cut like no other.


LED shadow lines:

Unlike other miter saws that utilization laser direction for accuracy cuts, this saw utilizes LED shadow lines. Utilizing this you can accomplish higher exactness than other miter saws.

Bevel cuts:

With the assistance of this miter saw, you can cut wood up to 2×12 at 90 degrees and 2×8 at 45 degrees. The double bevel gives you four-stop positions at 45 and 48-degree left, 0-degree, and 45-degree right.


The sliding miter saw is covered under a 3 years restricted warranty from the date of procurement.




6. Wen Compound Miter Saw

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Wen is a little brand that produces and conveys solid force devices that give amazing execution.


High power engine:

Wen’s compound miter saw utilizes an incredible 15-amp engine that is utilized to slice blocks to 12 inches wide and 3 ½ inches thick.


Precise cuts:

To get the ideal cuts, you can turn the miter 45 degrees one or the other way. This is accomplished with the assistance of 9 miter stops. On top of this, you can incline the miter saw 45 degrees to one side.


Baseboard capacity:

The miter saw accompanies a 6-3/4-inch baseboard vertical limit and a 7-1/2-inch Crown forming settled capacity.



The compound miter saw is covered under a 2-year warranty period from the date of procurement.


What it includes:

Incorporates a 10-inch 40-Tooth carbide-tipped cutting edge, Two table expansions, one cinch get together, a dust pack, a dust port connector.



7. Craftsman Compound Miter Saw

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Craftsman is a famous brand of force instruments, hand apparatuses, equipment adornments, and other outside hardware. The brand is known for creating durable and dependable items.


Compact Size:

One of the primary features of this compound miter saw is that you can overlay it into a minimized size for shipping and putting away it advantageously.



It is lightweight and weighs just 28 pounds. In this way, you can haul it around without any problem.


High power engine:

The miter saw is controlled by a 15-amp engine that conveys up to 4,500 rpm. Utilizing this, you can easily slice barricades of 2-inch x 6-inch and 4-inch x 4-inch.


Dust port:

It has a 2 ½-inch dust port that guarantees your working environment is clean.



Regardless of whether you are an amateur, you can in any case accomplish precision cuts utilizing the laser direction framework.



You can undoubtedly mount the laser without the utilization of any apparatuses.



The brand offers a 3 years warranty on the entirety of its force instruments from the date of procurement.



8. Metabo Compound Miter Saw

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Metabo HPT represents Metabo Hitachi Power Tools that offer a wide scope of force apparatuses. This even incorporates different sliding miter saw alternatives.


Cutting blade:

Like different alternatives out there, it accompanies a 12-inch cutting edge.


Power engine:

It utilizes a 15 amp electric engine that outcomes in superior while utilizing this miter saw.



0-52 Degree miter point reach to one side and left for expanded adaptability



0-45 degree slant point range, to one side with movable slant stops for exactness cuts



Increased cutting precision.


9. Makita Cordless Miter Saw

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First of all, it doesn’t feel like you’re cutting with a cordless miter saw. There’s just no trade-off in power and the immediate drive engine is amazingly sure slicing through the entirety of test materials.


LXT batteries:

Fueled by two LXT batteries, x2 LXT innovation conveys more force, speed, and run-time without the issues of a string


Smooth cutting:

Makita assembled electronically-controlled BL Brushless engine delivers 4, 400 RPM for quicker and smoother cutting


Bluetooth Connectivity:

Auto-start remote framework (AWS) uses Bluetooth innovation for Wireless Power-on/off correspondence among devices and discretionary residue extractors. Aws fit with auto-start remote transmitter

BL brushless engine:

The BL Brushless engine disposes of carbon brushes, empowering the BL engine to run cooler and all the more effectively for longer life.


10. BOSCH Single Bevel Sliding Miter Saw

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The Bosch CM8S highlights a slant lock switch and slant turret stops situated in favor of hardware for fast and simple changes without coming to behind the saw. The saw likewise includes simple to-understand miter and angle scales.


The miter saw gives a coordinated extending base expansion that grows up to 29-Inches left to ideal for extra work-piece support.



The Bosch CM8S miter saw includes a flexible front balancing out a foot, keeping up saw security when performing slide cuts permitting the most extreme limit.



Features a miter detent abrogate, natural and simple to get to thumb-incited supersede just as a reasonable bring down defenses for an unhampered perspective on the saw in real life. The detent framework gives fast and precise cuts.


Crosscut limit:

The Bosch CM8S miter saw CM8S has a similar crosscut limit of 12-1/4 in. as a 10-inch miter saw however is 30% lighter.

The Bosch selective plan gives extreme compactness a top convey handle and a load of only 37 pounds



1- How to cut corners of baseboards without a miter saw?

There are several methods to cut baseboard without miter saw which are listed below:

  • By portable hand cutting tools
  • By miter box formula
  • Baseboard Coping
  • Trim Cutting


2- What is the difference between a miter saw and a table saw?


We utilize a table saw to make straight cuts, while a miter saw is utilized to make both pointcuts and straight cuts. A table saw merits putting resources into with regards to deck projects and for projects that expect you to make a few little cuts to cut points at part. Read more difference between Miter saw and Table Saw.



3- Can we use circular saws rather than miter saws?


You can utilize a circular saw rather than a miter saw yet the use of a circular saw isn’t protected. The explanation is that you can hold your hands at a superior distance and can without much of a stretch support better authority over its activity. In this way, to utilize a circular saw you need to set up a dance or straight edge.


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