Drill Bits For Stainless Steel

Stainless steel or any hard metal is hard to drill until you don’t have a good technique and a suitable tool to make a hole in tough metal. Simple and Regular drill bits don’t cut stainless steel, aluminum, hard steel, and other hard metals.

You can say drilling hard metals is quite difficult as compared to drilling walls or wood. But when you have the best drill bits for stainless steel, it will be an easy job.

When drilling any hard metal, especially stainless steel. Follow the following technique will also help to drill.

  • Drill slowly and exert constant pressure
  • Use cutting oil and put the oil into the hole where you are using the drill so that you can keep the cutting edge cooler(You can use cutting lubricant WD40)
  • Put Pressure on the drill but not too much.
  • Put a piece of wood under the steel. So that the drill bit does not touch the surface- Touching the surface will make it dull.


No doubt, cobalt blended drills or titanium ones are the best for steel and other hard materials. You can also sharp the bits whenever they are dull.

In this article, we will provide a Proper solution to your problem. If you are willing to buy a good drill bit for your hard material work, then the below information will help you a lot in this case.


  1. High-Speed Steel:

It is durable and also gives some flexing. It also works Good, and it also contains strong material. It is coupled with Titanium Nitride Coating.

  1. Cobalt Steel:

It can resist more heat. It is more durable and stronger than High-Speed Steel.

  1. Carbide:

It is not flexible. It is very Rigid. It works more efficiently than High Speed and cobalt.

Top 10 Best drill bits for stainless Steel:

1. DEWALT DW1354 Titanium Drill Bit Set

Dewalt is the big name in the world of Power tools. They are providing many Commercial tools and domestic tools too. Dewalt offers a complete range of drills, saws, and many verities of cordless power tools. They give a good hand carrying packing. So that you can bring your tools anywhere, you need them.

Dewalt DW1354 is also its production. It is widely used by DIY work and professional work too.  Anybody who knows about the drill, I can guarantee he must have heard about DW 1354.

DW1354 comes with three types of packaging 14 pieces,45 pieces set, and an 80 pieces accessories set.

The most important thing is the drill bit set, which has a significant value because of its benefits. The bit set also has a box that can be used to keep the bits align, and you can also carry them easily- The thing I loved most.

The bit set ranges from 1/6 inches to ½ inches. It has a titanium tip, which makes it stronger and durable. The Titanium coating also provides longer life. You can easily drill nonferrous metals with DeWalt’s titanium drill bits.

  • The drill bits set comes with an easy carrying plastic tough case.
  • The Drill bits have a titanium coating that provides longer life.
  • You can also drill wood and plastic with it.
  • It includes sizes from 1/6 to 1/2-Inch
  • You can use these bits with the DCD777C2, Black & Decker LDX120C 20-Volt Drill- But remember they must have a standard chuck.
  • The smaller Bit will dull quickly if you do not take care.


2. Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set:

Neiko 10193A comes with a pack of three drill bits. These bits are made up of High-speed Steel, and they have a coating of Titanium. Titanium coating gives strength, durability during drilling the holes in hard materials. The most important and useful feature of Neiko 10193A is that each bit has different steps in 1 bit. Mean to say, you can do the different sizes of drilling by using just one bit.

As we know, the pack has three bits, and we can drill different sizes of the hole by just using one bit. So now let me tell you that the:

  • Bit#1 has 6 steps ranging from 3/16″ to 1/2″
  • Bit # 2 has 13 steps ranging from 1/8″ to 1/2”
  • Bit # 3 has 9 steps ranging from 1/4” to 3/4”

Without changing drill bits every time for a new hole, you can get your desired circumference hole by just using one bit, So it is work efficient too. Hence this drill set replaces the 28 individual drill bits.

It has a tri-Flattered Shank that helps it fit into power tools securely, and it also helps to get rid of trembling. It has a two-Flute design help to clear and fasten the process. It also has a Split point Tip of 135°. The tip helps to increase the cutting speed and self-centering without walking.

  • Drill bits are made up of High-speed steel with titanium Coating.
  • You can drill 28 different sizes of holes.
  • Two Flute Design for cleaning the hole and sharp cutting.
  • Tri-Flattered Shank that fit in the chuck of Drills Properly.
  • Price-efficient as it will replace your 28 individual drill bits.
  • No Cons

3. IRWIN Industrial Tools 316015 Cobalt Drill Bit Set:


Are you a Professional and Daily worker? You have to deal with power drills and heavy materials daily, and you are looking for Drill bits that can provide you good results, then we have IRWIN Industrial Tools 316015 For You. It is made up of cobalt steel that extends its life, and you can also share them when it became dull.

It contains 8% Cobalt with the finishing of Black Oxide. It resists heat efficiently. These drill bits are instrumental in industrial work for tough metal drilling, including heavy materials like Hardened Steel, Iron, Stainless Steel, and many more…

Irwin Industrial Tools 316015 comes with 15 pieces of drill bits set in a beautiful Packing. The smallest drill bit can drill 1/16 inches, and the largest one can drill 3/8 inch.

It has a 135-Degree split point tip, Which will help in easy cutting and less force exertion. It will start drilling on contact, and the bit will not stray from the surface of the material being drilled.

  • Good for heavy-duty tasks.
  • It has an 8% cobalt and a finishing of black oxide.
  • The 135-degree tip will help in not straying from the path.
  • It comes in a Good Quality box.
  • The Pack has 15 drill bits Set.
  • Good quality Product for daily use.
  • No Cons


4. EFFICERE 8-Piece ½ inches Shank Silver and Deming Drill Bit Set in Aluminum Carry:

Are you looking for something that can help you in the daily tasks of drilling heavy and hard material to soft material like wood, aluminum, etc.? An efficient 8 Pieces drill bit set is the best choice for you. It comes in Aluminum Carry Packing. Which increases its look and also helps to keep the drill bits align.

The Drill bits are made up of Cobalt high-speed Steel, which increases its capability and durability to drill holes. Gold Titanium and Black Nitride’s coating will help keep the cutting lubricant for smooth and efficient drilling. The coating keeps the drill bits corrosion-free and Durable for a long time.

They have a Split Point of 135 Degree tip that increases cutting speed and prevents drill wobbling. The 3 Flat Tri-Flattered ends securely grip the chuck of power tools, and it eliminates the slipping.

This Ultimate set has 6 inches long, from size 9/16 inches to 1 inch. It is a perfect toolset for drilling large holes over ½ inches in diameter. The Premium Cobalt increases their Lifeline. So if you are looking for something that is multi-tasker, then this is a Good Option for you.

  • Made up of Premium Cobalt high-speed steel, which increases its strength.
  • The Coating of Black Nitride and Gold Titanium increases its life, prevents it from corrosion, and holds the lubricant to ensure smooth drilling.
  • Good Choice for Big- Mid Range Holes.
  • It can be used Commercially and Domestically.
  • The Aluminum Box helps to keep them aligned, and it also helps for easy carrying.
  • No Cons


5. DEWALT DW1361 Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set:

As we all know that Dewalt has no comparison in the field of tools. Dewalt has one more fine product, DEWALT DW 1361. This product comes with a set consisting of 21 Bits enclosed in a Good Quality Box, which keep all the drill bits align and helps in carrying them

The DEWALT DW1361 drills are made up of steel, and it has titanium tips you will see the titanium tips only in good and high-quality products. You can easily drill the plastic, woods, and other soft material easily, but don’t try it on hard materials.

The Titanium pilot provides longer life. The Drill bits will start on contact, so it is secure and also provides smooth drilling. These drill bits have a Tapered web, which increases their durability and also reduces breaking risks.

The Set has 21 Bits, including size ranging from 1/16 inch to ½  inch packed in a fine quality Plastic case. It is a good set to keep if you want smooth drilling.

  • The kit contains 21 bits.
  • The drill bits are made up of good quality steel.
  • The titanium tip increases the life of bits.
  • Contact to Start
  • The Tapered web increases its durability by reducing breakage risks.
  • No Cons


6. EnerTwist Titanium Drill Bit Kit Set:


If you are looking for something that can help you in every field, have many varieties in just one box, and the most important thing is price-efficient. Then EnerTwist Drill Bits set is best for you. It contains 230 different sizes of drill bits in just one plastic storage box.

It is a Full-size kit that has bits ranging from 3/64-inch to 1/2-inch in a tough plastic case. The Drill bits are made up of premium high-grade high-speed steel with a titanium coating, making it more heat resistant and efficient. The Titanium 135 degree Tip makes it anti-walking, improves speed, and reduces the bit slip factors.

The drill bits are tapered with the web that provides more stability against breaking factors. You can use it for multiple purposes. It is best for drilling in metal, fiberglass glass, wood, and plastics, But remember, don’t use it on concrete or Masonry.

All the drill bits are well organized and properly sited in the box, there is proper space for every size, and all sizes are indexed on the box. The thing I like most about EnerTwist is that they are giving 1-Year Warranty & 30-Days Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • 230 High-Quality Bits in 1 Box.
  • Enclosed in a Hard Plastic case.
  • Made up of High-Speed Steel with Titanium Coating.
  • Multipurpose Drill Bits.
  • Price Efficient and also have Guaranteed.
  • No Cons

7. Bosch Cobalt Drill Bit:

Bosch Master Product. If you want something that can resist heat, give results, heavy-duty work, then the Bosch Cobalt drill bit is also a good choice. It can bear heat up to 1100 Degree.

Its rigid, strong, and thick web design helps it to work on tough materials, too, with good results. It has gone through many processes. That’s why it can penetrate every tough material like Butter.

The Bosch Cobalt Drill Bit also has two more varieties, one with black oxide and the other with Titanium Coating. The one with Black Oxide coating can be used in Normal Drilling, but the titanium one can easily drill Heavy Duty Materials.

  • Helpful in Heavy-Duty Tasks.
  • Withstand in temperature of 1100 degrees.
  • Anti-Walking.
  • Quick Material Removal.
  • It is Single and Singles are always Cons-Free.



Where to buy power tools?

Most people ask this question when and where to buy power tools. So If you are looking for Good Quality Products, good deals, then you can easily get these type of Products from


  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Walmart



They are the best places to buy power tools as you can also get special offers on occasions. You can replace or return, too, if you don’t like it or any FAULT. Amazon is also a Good Place because you can get Free delivery on orders above $25.

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