best tile saws to buy

While choosing a tile saw, you have to consider many points to choose the best tile saw for your work. You can be a professional worker or a DIY Lovers too. Maybe you tackle with tile saws daily and do a lot of work, but while choosing a good tile saw for work, you have to check few important things i.e cut Quality and Accuracy, Quality of Blade, Water Feed and most important Type of Tile.

By using a Tile saw, you can cut any ceramic tile and glass tile too. Some saws come with a water reservoir, and some models don’t have a water system.

When you do cutting water, and the cutting fluid helps to keep the blade cool. Cut fast and accurately, and it also helps to keep the noise and dust minimum. There are many types of tile saws:

  1. Wet Tile Saws
  2. Handheld saws
  3. Grinding wheels
  4. Tile Cutter

Wet tile saws have a water system. They came with a water basin. They have a sharp diamond embedded blade, and it helps to cut the tile more accurately and quickly. You can do different types of cuttings with different angles by using Wet Tile Saws.

Handheld saws come up with electric and battery-powered models; You can choose them according to your need and demand for work. They also have the diamond embedded blade to cut the hard materials more quickly. One of the top advantages of a handheld saw is that you can cut irregular shapes and odd angles.

Some people use the diamond embedded wheel with the grinder to cut the hard materials. Still, for using Grinders, you must have a lot of experience to cut accurately without any damage.

Tile cutters are specifically used to cut tiles. Tiles cutter use no electricity on any power. That’s why it is an inexpensive way of cutting tiles. You just put a tile on it, and then you put a cut line on the tile and apply pressure to break the tile from the scoreline. The tile cutter’s cuts are a little bit rough, and the edges are not smooth too. You can make straight cuts using a Tile cutter



The most values and top listed product of Dewalt in Wet tile saw are Dewalt D24000S. It is the best-selling product because of its unbeatable features. It has a portable stand you can carry with you to any workspace easily. You can even transport it by vehicle. The weight of Dewalt D24000S Wet tile is only 69lbs. It has a compact structure. You can put it easily anywhere and start your work. This machine comes with a 10-inches blade, and you can cut 25- 28 inches tile easily. It has dual water attachments to keep the blade cool and also control the dust. Dewalt D24000S has a stainless steel rail system and sliding bed for accurate cuts. It provides accurate and smooth edges. You can also cut the tile diagonally. The most important feature is it comes with three years warranty.



The Porter-Cable PCE980 is the second market-winning product. It has a splash guard to prevent the machine from water, and the water beds help keep the tile wet for accurate cuts. The seven inches blade can cut 17-inches cut by using it, and you can easily cut the 12-inches tile. It also has a water reservoir to keep the blade cool and dust away from you. If you have a large quantity of work and you want to finish it fast, then Porter Cable PCE980 Wet tile saw is the best choice for you because it has a one horsepower motor with a speed of 2850 RPM.




3. SKIL 3550-02 – Money Saving TILE SAW


If you are looking for a cheap and high-quality wet tile saw for work, then SKIL 3550-02 can be the best choice for you. It has a Powerful motor, and it provides a speed of 3600 RPM. Yes, SKIL 3550-02 will give you the speed of 3600 RPM. It has a Hydro lock system to keep the water near the blade for accurate vision and cuts. This Hydro Lock system increases its value and demand. The top table of the SKIL Wet saw is made up of Aluminum. You can easily place 18″ by 18″ tile over it. The seven inches blade provides accurate cutting.




4. Leegol Electric 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

Another money-saving product is LEEGOL 7-inch wet tile saw. It also comes with a 7-inch blade. It has a powerful motor with a speed of 3,550 RPM for doing the job fast. You can tilt the table, and the tilt table provides you Bevel cuts from 0 degrees to 45 degrees. It has a max cutting capacity of 1-inches thick and 12 inches Wide. It has a water reservoir to keep the blade cool and minimize dust. The tabletop is platted with chrome, that’s why you have to take care of it, and You have to prevent it from scratches. 




MK Diamond MK- 370 tile saw is a little bit expensive, but on the other hand, it has some great features that made it more valuable and demanding. Its blade guard has a hinge, and it helps you change the blade or clean it whenever it needs. It has a super-powerful one ¼ HP motor with a speed of 6000 RPMs. It gives 45-degree miter cuts. It has 7 inches’ blade can it can cut the tile 18 inches long, and you can also cut 13 inches diagonally. It also has a water pump system to keep the blade cool and minimize dust. It is a portable Wet tile saw with a weight of 33 pounds. You can take it to the work site easily.  


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